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Banner for About Us page is a photo of our office puppy, Dexter, laying on the wooden flooring in the office, having just ripped some junk mail into many pieces, with the slogan, "Paper has no place in our office".

About 1WL Agency

One Wavelength Ltd was formed in November 2011 by Andrew Swindell and Tim Steele with the aim of offering high levels of technical web development to corporate clients and other agencies, at competitive rates.

Both Andy and Tim have over 15 years experience of working in this fast paced sector and are dedicated to delivering complex solutions to extremely high standards.

We work with clients of all sizes and treat every project with the same care and attention. We're as proud to work with local businesses as we are global brands, and are privileged to be the silent technical arm supporting other UK based, digital creative agencies.

1WL Agency Office

Our Office Dog...

Upon visiting 1WL you will (without fail) be greeted by Dexter, our office hound. He heads up the meet and greet team, and extends a warm (usually saliva based) welcome to all.

He manages our junk mail and takes his responsibilities seriously. Since joining in early 2016 he has worked his way up to the position of hospitality manager. He also handles all taxation matters.

If you're planning a visit do let us know in advance if dogs are not your thing. Dexter is as friendly as they come, he doesn't moult (supposedly hypoallergenic!) but we're happy to leave him at home if perhaps you have allergies, are just petrified of fluffy dogs, or happen to be bringing a cat with you.