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Web Tools

One of our favourite types of web project and always technically challenging, are web tools, a term we use to describe a website or system designed for very specific, often singular pupose.

Web tool design can come in the form of a standalone website like the Virtual Room examples below, or can be a component part of a website, like the tax calculators we build for accountancy companies.

Tech Data Virtual Rooms

Designed as a tablet friendly sales and marketing web tool, the purpose of the virtual room project is to educate resellers and their customers on the latest technology available, by creating room settings where products can be viewed in situ.

It began with a Virtual Classroom and adjoining Server Room, then a Virtual Office, Boardroom, Collaboration Space and Virtual Desk, and most recently a Virtual Hospital with Waiting Room, Ward and Consultation rooms.

TechData Virtual Rooms

Vision Virtual Rooms

In collaboration with a design studio in Australia, this series of education and business room designs showcase the scope of products in the Vision Audio Visual, AV installation and modular control system.

From mounts to control units, connectivity to cabling, these web tools let you pick the products that fit best your room type and collate them in a shopping cart, that can be transferred to the parent distributor website for online ordering.

Vision Virtual Rooms