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A Content Management System (CMS) forms the backbone of nearly all modern websites. We design and build websites using a small selection of CMS platforms, each unique in the functionality they offer. There are free, off-the-shelf platforms (more on those here), and then there's the truly bespoke 1WL CMS.

"Our team find their 1WL CMS easy to use and their level of support and response time is excellent. All delivered with a friendly 'can do' attitude. As a repeat customer, we can't recommend them highly enough."

Simon Kitson, General Manager, Maverick Europe and Hotlamps

What is 1WL CMS?

Now in it's 3rd generation, the 1WL CMS is the culmination of over 12 years experience in designing and developing Content Management Systems for business. It's a system we've meticulously planned, designed and created in-house.

It's a modular based CMS, based around a core set of content editors with additional, more specialist modules available should they be needed.

Why build it?

Simply put, we continue to develop and improve the 1WL CMS because it gives us a unique advantage over almost every other web design agency.

Unlike those agencies, we can tailor the 1WL CMS to every nuance of a website. It's a significant technical edge over agencies who must work within the confines of CMS' they did not write, so never fully understand.

As original system architects, we can customise 1WL CMS in ANY way. We deliver content managment for the purist. It's as detailed as it needs to be, and as efficient as it's possible to be.

Bespoke Modules

If you need something unique that our standard editors don't do, we either customise that editor to your exact needs, or build something bespoke from scratch. Either way you get a content editor that does exactly what you want.

Unlike other CMS, there are NO plugins needed to provide functionality. There's NO paying for additional modules that are never the perfect fit for your requirements.

If you need it, we build it.  It gives you the perfect functionality in it's simpest form. With the 1WL CMS there's no more need to compromise.

What does it cost?

Like a tailor-made suit, you might expect a bespoke CMS to cost more than an off-the-peg alternative, but that isn't necessarily the case. The process of building a website based on our CMS is similar to using one of the freebie alternatives.

We don't charge a hefty licence fee and we don't charge you to renew one in future. Licences are free for as long as you use the CMS, just like they are with those freebies.

So with 1WL CMS you get a system tailored to your exact needs, for a price that's equivalent to customising a free CMS.

Why should you use it?

We keep it simple - we create the right tools to manage your content, and that's all you'll see when you log in. Quite simply, there's no easier way to manage a website.

We have a long list of modules - contact us today for a full list.