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About 1WL Agency

1WL Agency is a trading name of One Wavelength Ltd, formed in November 2011 by Andrew Swindell and Tim Steele.

We met while working in another digital agency where we headed up the development and project management teams. We spent over 8 years working closely on hundreds of web and marketing projects, during which time we were privileged to work on a wide variety of interesting, challenging and diverse projects for Intranet, Extranet and the Web.

After many years working together as heads of our respective divisions, Tim and Andy recognised that many agencies calling themselves 'digital' were producing web systems without properly road-mapping their long term success strategy. The role of 'digital experts' was, in our opinion, being overplayed and a lack of openness and transparency was causing wariness in certain online 'specialisms'.

We saw an opportunity for a fresh approach, so we created 1WL Agency with an ethos on clear, open communication, and systems that deliver measurable results and return on investment.

Today our experience spans over 40 years combined. We focus our efforts on working with ambitious clients of any size, ranging from start-up entrepreneurs with a focused vision, to marketing teams with multiple objectives for established, well known brands.

Our aim is simple.

To help businesses put the right combination of online technology and marketing strategy in place, to deliver the results they want.

What we believe is.

Websites are one of two things. Either they are an investment or they're an expense.

At the heart of every successful business, the website plays a very active role for the company. EVERYTHING starts and ends there. All your customers will, without fail, visit there. Whatever marketing pillars you use, your website is the hub that will measure its success.

Your website should be the hardest working part of your business. Get In Touch Today! We'll help you figure out how to make that happen with NO obligation.


1WL Agency Office

Our Office Dog...

When visiting 1WL you will (without fail) be greeted by Dexter, our canine office manager. He heads up the meet & greet team and offers a warm (mostly saliva based) welcome to all.

He manages our junk mail and takes his responsibilities very seriously. Since joining in early 2016 he has quickly worked his way up to the position of hospitality manager. He also handles all taxation matters and is being trained to master the kettle.

If you're planning a visit do let us know in advance if dogs are not your thing. Dexter is as friendly as they come, he doesn't moult (supposedly hypoallergenic!) but we're happy to leave him at home if perhaps you have allergies, are just petrified of fluffy dogs, or happen to be bringing a cat with you.