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How we work

As important as the creative design or technical phases, the planning phase is pivotal to the success of a project. We follow a tried and tested process that gets everyone involved focused and in agreement, before any designing or coding takes place. It ensures we achieve the same high quality of output every time, exceeding your expectations regardless of project size.


Every successful project kicks off with discussion.  We listen and ask a lot of questions! It gets us the understanding we need, and often raises questions and considerations that you may not have thought about.

Getting it right first time makes the most efficient use of time and budget. Both are in short supply and we don't like wasting either!  We seek out the right solution from the outset. That's why all our projects come in on time and budget, every time.


Site Maps:

At the heart of our planning sits the sitemap. We've used them for years because they're a great way to show both layout and functionality of a site. They give an immediate indication of size and structure. We then label, colour code and add comments to explain how pages or sections will look and function.

It's essential to understand the requirements of a project from all sides. A well presented sitemap details the key points of a project. They're a great communication tool and that’s why we swear by them.

Site Maps

Design Planning:

Design ideas can originate from anywhere. Some clients know what they want, others know what they don't want. Maybe you have examples of what you like, or know the 'feel' or style that fits what you're looking for. 

There's a purpose to every project, a story not just of what needs to happen, but how it needs to be accomplished. We listen intently, seeking a deeper understanding of who you are and how you communicate with the world. We put ourselves in your seat, and build from there.

Design Planning

Development Planning:

Creating a website or system with exceptional functionality requires a full understanding of the big picture. It's a creative process of a different kind.

A well coded system runs faster, is easier to maintain, modify and scale up. When building a website we consider what you need now, as well as what you may need later.

We take complex problems and develop efficient, effective solutions that can be grown in future.

Development Planning

Need help with planning a technically challenging project?

We do it all the time and are here to offer as much help as you need. If you've been told it can't be done, contact us today!  We love technical challenges and are highly adept at engineering creative solutions to complex problems.