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Other Content Management Systems

We've spent over 10 years developing CMS for ourselves and other companies. In that time we've experienced, assessed and worked with many CMS of varying sizes. Among them a couple of well known, free to use platforms worth noting are Wordpress and Umbraco.


Wordpress Logo

It's a decent starter platform for a simple blog or website where content updates are needed. 

Based on PHP, its 'free-for-all' nature and consequent popularity has led it to become somewhat of a behemoth in the CMS marketplace. Its flexibility to be used in many configurations makes it an attractive option for anyone wanting a versatile platform, although it suffers to an extent as a Jack-of-all-trades, and complex configurations are usually also complex in daily use.

In a nutshell, it's simple to pick up and create something, but it isn't what we recommend if either you're new to CMS and want something simple to pick up and use (which many people are who look for sites like this), or you have grand aspirations and need a system that can grow with you, or foresee the need for bespoke tailoring of your website.

For small and simple websites or blogs, it's still a good alternative to the 1WL CMS albeit with a longer learning curve.


Umbraco Logo

Umbraco is very comprehensive package. It offers a similar level of system capability to the 1WL CMS in that it's business focussed and flexible.

There is limited scope for customisation and much like Wordpress, there are templates available that can be 'attached' to it.

If you need a solution that is tailored exactly to your needs, then the 1WL CMS is a better option, but if that isn't a requirement, or have a preference for an off the shelf CMS, we've found Umbraco to be a solid base on which to build your website and we would be happy to help develop it for you.

Need Something Truly Bespoke?

For something that does exactly what you need, how you need, without all the inclusive stuff that you simply don't need, the 1WL CMS is the answer. Find out more about our tailor made CMS which doesn't cost more than these off the shelf options.