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Product Configurators

It takes a few minutes of searching or a quick look up in the dictionary, to find that there's no such word as 'configurator', but it's the term we use regularly to describe web systems that enable customers to 'build their own' complex, customised products.

They go above and beyond the basic options you'd expect as part of a standard online shop (choosing a size or colour of an item).

Configurators take product customisation to the next level where the number of configurable elements are limitless; or maybe greater control in the selection process is required, such as 'filtering', where making one 'selection' determines which options are available in those that follow.

Product Configurators are for products that are made up of many components, require many steps of customisation, or where the process of configuring a product needs to be guided in a particular way.

One example of an online configurator is a PC builder website. They make it possible to create your ideal computer by choosing all the components that go into making it.

This may sound straightforward, but there can be dozens of options to choose from and not all components will work together, so the job of the configurator is to ensure the customer only gets the option to choose compatible ones.

By choosing a mini PC case we would limit all remaining options to those that could physically fit inside it.

Configurators come in all shapes, sizes and can be useful for many different purposes.

The ability to use complex logic to hand-hold your customers along the path to choosing what's right for them, creates a closer and more connected user journey, the kind of experience your customers won't get from lesser solutions.

Do you have highly configurable product ranges and would like to engage with potential customers in an unforgettable way?

Perhaps your brochure website doesn't immerse your customers in an experience that leads to an data capture or a sale?

Then a product configurator is exactly the solution you need.  Let us know the goal you need to achieve and we'll explore the options with you. Then we'll provide you with a plan for the best way to realise it.  A phone call and an initial consultation costs absolutely nothing, so Talk to Us Today!

Whatever the product, however complex the configuration process may be, we can design and build exactly what you need quickly and cost effectively. We'll harness the technical web to make things happen in your business.

Vision Media Player

Customisation of mini-PCs that function as AV Media Players. A neat, tidy interface masks a myriad of technical complexity.

Features live stock levels and reseller specific pricing calculated at component level.

Uses CSV export/import to the 1WL CMS, for components, specs, discounts and more. Orders pass to SAP via an API, for a seamless order processing.

Vision Media Player Configurator

"They act as part of our team not just as a supplier, and care about what they produce and their relationship with us. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone with a bespoke or complex web project."

Mark Baxter, Director, BaxterBasics Ltd

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Protect Connect Extend

A problem facing this distributor for mobile device accessories, is with so much choice available, how do customers know what's best to order? Procurement departments need to ensure their workforce are correctly kitted out.

Protect, Connect, Extend is a system that groups specially selected products into these 3 categories, Additional filtering makes it simpler to find and order recommended accessories. Pick a device, quickly browse accessories, place the order, job done.

Protect, Connect, Extend

Vision Tech Connect

A range of interchangeable modules that provide audio-visual connectivity for the home or workplace.

Simply pick the modules you need, followed by a faceplate to house them, and the configurator automatically offers blanking plates to fill any empty slots and suggests any cabling you'll need to rig up your system.

Once configured, either process the order to purchase, or print/email as a list for later.

Vision TechConnect Configurators